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I Am a Skeptic

Let me begin by making a simple statement…I am a skeptic. In a field of study where there are no defined parameters, variables, or methods of definite measurement, we are left to assume as much as we are able to prove conclusively. It is only through self-experience and a burning desire to explore the unexplained and answer the unanswered questions that paranormal investigators will ever hope to someday make believers of us all.

That said, perhaps a short trip into my mind will serve as a way to explain my involvement in the paranormal field and my need to quell the skeptic inside me. I provide it here as my proof to the reader.

Science is my livelihood…it has been my mainstay and my source of information for my entire life. It has been argued that through science and math, all things can be explained. I grew up firmly entrenched in that belief, never doubting that my belief was absolutely correct. However, the problem with being an absolutely logical thinker is simply this…if logic does not fit the equation, what else is left? What do you do when something happens that cannot be explained through a purely scientific or logical approach? Do you stick to logic and dismiss the entire event as a trick of the mind or a perfectly normal and easily explained occurrence?

Herein lies the paradox. A logical person will readily dismiss paranormal occurrences as natural or environmental in nature and as such, of no real significance. However, the innate desire for knowledge in the mind of the logical person will not allow them to leave the matter unsettled. As a result, they are left working mightily to uncover answers to a question that they have already logically answered in their mind. In my case, it led me to take matters into hand and write …as much for my own peace of mind as for the readers.

I am immersed within that paradox. I seek logical answers for the illogical disturbances, occurrences, and activities that I have experienced in my own lifetime. Why is it that I seem to be followed about in my travels by a shadowy figure? Why is it that this shadowy figure seems to always be leading me to evidence of paranormal activity? Is my shadow figure actually real, and if so, is it really trying to lead me to answers for my questions? If so, then why was I chosen? So many questions…so few answers at this point. In the end, will I be proven right as a skeptic, or will my studies convince even me that the paranormal world exists somewhere in conjunction with our own, and that logic as we know it must be rewritten? So, I continue to study, and I continue to write.

I hope that I am providing a solid foundation of information for paranormal investigators, investigative research groups, and even for the skeptics among us. I hope that you will gain insight from my journey into the paranormal, and that you will join me in the search for answers.