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Contrary to popular belief, there are certain things TEAM WGPRS will not do, during or after an investigation.  We will not do any of the following:

  • Charge a fee for an investigation

  • Use a Ouija Board

  • Conjure up spirits by ANY method to include performing séances

  • Table tipping (the idea is to get the spirit to move the table and can easily be faked)
  • Work with anyone that isn't a part of our investigative team, such as other paranormal professionals invited in by a family without our knowledge
  • Publish photos, videos or EVP evidence without your permission.
  • Cleansing unless absolutely necessary when no one else will assist

As stated previously, we prefer to stay with the scientific method of evidence gathering.  We'll refer you to Clergy for cleansings and/or blessings of the home or someone of your choosing if we feel there is something negative in nature causing disturbances in or on your property. As always, we will respect your wish to privacy in the matter and our services are always free.

what to expect during an investigation

TEAM WGPRS begins with a group prayer upon arrival at a specified time typically at night and thoroughly walking the property and house in order to determine where we should begin setting up equipment.  Once equipment locations have been determined, we set-up cameras and pre-screen the house with EMF detectors (electromagnetic field) for excessive amount of EMF that could be coming from wired and wireless electronics and or devices. 

EMF can be given off by old clock radios, kitchen appliances, wireless devices like older cordless phones, wireless cameras, wireless internet connections, cell phones etc.  Once the house has been pre-screened and certain appliances and wiring locations have been eliminated as sources of excessive EMF we record this information and begin taking random photographs of the home and property.  We approach all investigations with the scientific method of recording and analyzing evidence which also includes debunking (determining suspected paranormal activity as being false).

After this has been done we leave the property and home unoccupied; this is simply for analyzing purposes.  It allows us to hear normal house settling sounds such as air conditioners clicking on and off, beeping from a possible smoke detector, clicking sounds from electronic timers and normal settling sounds of the home that the homeowner may or may not know is even happening.  It also gives us two hours of non-contaminated recordings of audio and video in the event that any paranormal evidence is captured. 

After two hours have passed, we return and begin pairing off for EVP (electronic voice phenomena) sessions and more random night vision photography.  We don't do EVP sessions in each room, only in the main active areas.  After we feel we have thoroughly rotated our groups and investigated the house and property we pack up and go home.  It can take us approximately two weeks to get back with you on our findings because all of our team members also have full-time jobs.  We will contact you as soon as all evidence has been compiled or a report has been made notating evidence or lack of, paranormal activity.  As always, we will respect your wish to privacy in the matter and our services are always free.  


You will receive a phone call after you’ve contacted us to schedule your investigation.  You will also be asked a series of pre-screening questions for investigative purposes.  Please understand these questions are necessary in order to complete our investigation on your property in a professional manner.  As always, we will respect your wish to privacy in this matter.

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