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Saturday July 20, 2013 began as a typical day for the most part, planning and preparing equipment for the pending investigation that was scheduled for the upcoming evening.  This was a follow-up investigation due to the incredible activity and evidence we gathered from the previous investigation at this property, in the out-building.

When we arrived at our scheduled time, Investigators began to scout about the property and out-building. Once inside the building someone heard a "meow" so the search began.  Found in the darkness of this horrid place, abandoned, alone, filthy, starving, and frail, our team members scooped up this little guy in loving amazement.  Offering up a biscuit and water, kitten began to eat.  We forced him a bit of water, put him in a box and checked on him throughout the night.  Everyone was in complete awe of this tiny kitten who could barely hold up his own body weight.  We just couldn't believe he was alive due to his frail condition.  We stood in a circle discussing names, joking, voting, passing him around to pet and love and Shadow was chosen as his name.  It would only be later that we would realize how fitting his name would become.

By this time, Joey was smitten with kitten and so the friendship began.   Shadow, having strong characteristics of a dog would jump in the car and ride with Joey everywhere he was allowed to go which included team meetings.  Shadow ran off during a Team Meeting December 14, 2013.  He has been spotted on several occasions but by the time we're notified of his presence he's taken off on another adventure; we're literally chasing a shadow. 

We are committed to finding Shadow and will continue search efforts until he is brought home safely.  Please continue watching this page for updates as searches continue.

2/23/2014, no new updates.

6/1/2014  Concluding search -  Just a note to those who have followed Shadow's search, the reward is still being honored if he is returned home safely.   Contact Joey at  (706) 977-9353.

Growing up shadow

never forgotten